Bytecode Visualizer

Inspect, understand and debug Java bytecode, no matter if you have the corresponding source.

Sourcecode Visualizer

Draws a control flow graph alongside of Java source code.

Control Flow Graph Factory

Eclipse plugin for generating, editing and exporting control flow graphs.

Sourcecode Visualizer

Sourcecode Visualizer is an Eclipse plugin for visualizing Java sourcecode. It draws a control flow graph alongside of Java source code.

To install Sourcecode Visualizer via Eclipse Marketplace Client drag and drop the install button into a running Eclipse workspace.

Sourcecode Visualizer is an inevitable tool for sourcecode review. Its 3 basic components are:

Sourcecode Editor

The Dr. Garbage Sourcecode Visualizer supports common features of the Eclipse Java editor.

Control Flow graph panel

The control flow graph can be placed in the editor window or in separate window. The graph can be modified in the Control Flow Graph Factory. Every node in the control flow graph shows the corresponding bytecode instructions.

Synchronisation of control flow graph and sourcecode editor

On every saved change of the sourcecode the graph is updated and synchronized with lines of the sourcecode.

example screenshot

Typical use cases

Check the efficiency of your implementation on the sourcecode by simply looking at the graph.

example screenshot

Complex if-conditions are visualized for easy analysis on-the-fly while coding.

example screenshot