Bytecode Visualizer

Inspect, understand and debug Java bytecode, no matter if you have the corresponding source.

Sourcecode Visualizer

Draws a control flow graph alongside of Java source code.

Control Flow Graph Factory

Eclipse plugin for generating, editing and exporting control flow graphs.

Class File Compare

Class File Compare is a feature of the Dr.Garbage tool suite, which brings additional functionalities to the default eclipse compare feature:
  • Comparing Java Classes from local filesystem or java archive in Dr. Garbage structural or hexadecimal format.
  • Easily naviagte between those highlighted differences.

There are two options to start comparing class files:



The Structure Compare view

A structure merge view presents the result in a hierarchical view, and lets the user merge between the inputs.

example screenshot
Names of two classes being compared
Single difference stepping buttons
The lines connected between compared sections.

The line numbers of the current and the incoming change will be placed in the notification section of eclipse.

example screenshot

The hexadecimal view

After choosing Class File Compare from the dropdown menu, you will be presented with the hexadecimal comparison version. If you select any part of the hex value, its corresponding changes and the connected line between them will be marked as black. The yellow marked area contains the boxes with grey borders on the right-hand side of the view will help you locate the differences easily.

example screenshot

When you reach the beginning or the end of the changes, you may receive a dialog asking what you would like to do:

example screenshot